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Swift Print


Swift Print is our unique print-on-demand service that allows users to upload and “print” their jobs directly on our digital printers. Orders may be placed online at Swift Print or in person at the Printing Center and both Copy/Mail Center. Once placed, we will route the job internally to utilize the most efficient production methods to meet your requirements. You can also use Swift Print binding services, including collating, stapling, folding, tabbing, clear covers, and more. Plus, if you are just needing supplies like paper, we can meet your needs, as well.


How do you know if Swift Print is right for you? Follow this easy checklist:


  • Job uses standard paper sizes (typically 8.5x11, 11x17 or some derivation of those sizes)
  • Job can be printed on standard 20 lb. bond paper (although we do offer special “cover” weights and card stock for many jobs)
  • Job is already designed and set up to print on standard size paper, typically with no bleed (though jobs that require a bleed can be printed on 12x18 paper)
  • Artwork is converted to CMYK and all files in document are at least 300 dpi
  • Job is exported and ready to be uploaded as a PDF


Please give us a call at 806.743.2094 if you have any questions regarding Swift Print orders. And for those jobs that may require a little help, the vast array of services offered by the Printing Center are at your disposal.