TTUHSC Information Technology

TTUHSC IT Policies


Computer Naming Convention

To facilitate the easy identification of computers on the network, all TTUHSC computers will be named using the following convention:

  • 3-letter city code (e.g., AMA, ELP, LUB, ODE)
  • Department code (e.g., IT, SOM, PED)
  • 6-digit Tech Inventory number (five digit tag numbers will be preceded by a zero) preceded by the letter “T” (The “T” signifies that the number is a Texas Tech Inventory ID)
  • If a Tech Inventory Number is not available, use the manufacturer’s serial number without the letter “T”.
  • If the manufacturer’s serial number is longer than 7 digits, use the last 7 digits of the serial number.

For example, a computer in the Lubbock I.T. Division with an inventory tag number of 7893 would be named LUBIT-T078943.