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The purpose of implementing Information Technology (I.T.) policies and standards is to establish a common framework for adopting and deploying Information Technology resources within the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) environment.

These policies and standards have been established in order to:

  • Provide constituents with an integrated I.T. environment that supports the mission of TTUHSC,
  • Safeguard the privacy, confidentiality, and reliability of data,
  • Protect and maximize TTUHSC's investments in I.T. resources,
  • Reduce TTUHSC's business and legal risks, and
  • Define the responsibility and the requirements for the use of I.T. resources within the TTUHSC environment.


TTUS Board Of Regents Policies And Institution Operating Policies And Procedures

1. Security

    1.1. I.T. Resource Management And Responsibilities

    1.2. Managing Physical Security

    1.3. Disaster Recovery

    1.4. Security Safeguards

          1.4.1. Acceptable Use

          1.4.2. Account Management And User Responsibilities

          1.4.3. Administrator/Special Access

          1.4.4. Backup/Recovery

          1.4.5. Change Management

          1.4.6. Email

          1.4.7. Incident Management

          1.4.8. Internet And Intranet Connectivity

          1.4.9. Intrusion Detection

          1.4.10. Network Access

          1.4.11. Network Configuration

          1.4.12. Password/Authentication

          1.4.13. Asset Management

          1.4.14. Portable Computing

          1.4.15. Privacy

          1.4.16. Monitoring Of I.T. Assets

          1.4.17. Security Awareness And Training

          1.4.18. Server Hardening

          1.4.19. Authorized Software

          1.4.20. Application System Development, Acquisition, And Lifecycle

          1.4.21. Vendor Access

          1.4.22. Viruses And Other Malicious Code

          1.4.23. Wireless Access

          1.4.24. Vulnerability Assessment

2. Institutional Videoconferencing Systems

3. Institutional Computer Naming Convention Standards

4. Hardware And Software Standards

5. Technology Replacement Schedule

6. I.T. Procurement Review

7. Intellectual Property Rights

8. Copyright

9. Web Standards

    9.1. Student Web Publishing Standards

    9.2. TTUHSC Web Publishing Standards

    9.3. Web Site Visual Elements Standards

    9.4. Change Management Procedures For Official TTUHSC Web Pages/Sites

    9.5. Information Services Coding Standards, Security, And Audit Controls

    9.6. E-Commerce Applications

    9.7. Web Use And Copyright Standards

    9.8. State Of Texas Web Publishing Standards

10. Disciplinary Process


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