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1.4.6     EMAIL

All Institutional email services will be delivered using the Microsoft Exchange platform.  The supported email client is Microsoft Outlook or the web-based Outlook Web Access.

TTUHSC email accounts are available dependant on the type of associated HSC affiliation. The creation of email accounts are provisioned through the eRaider account activation process and online eRaider Account Manager. Assistance with eRaider and HSC eMail account setup can be obtained through the department hiring managers and the I.T. Solutions Center.

The volume of unsolicited bulk email (SPAM) that is received negatively impacts the Institution's infrastructure and productivity.  Therefore, the Institution has deployed infrastructure to reject a high volume of SPAM emails before they are processed by our email servers.  Additional infrastructure has also been deployed for students, faculty, and staff to use on their personal computers.  For assistance or more information on strategies to manage SPAM/Junk Email, please contact the I.T. Solutions Center or go to

Email Naming Convention

The approved email-addressing format uses the firstname.last/ naming convention (e.g.  This will be the official TTUHSC email address format for all students, faculty, and staff. 

The naming convention for people who share the same name is slightly different.  If a name already exists in the email database, a variation will be used, such as firstname.middleinitial.last/ format (e.g.,

The CIO or their designee is the central authority for username and email address assignments for all campuses.  Any disputes over usernames and/or email addresses should be referred to the CIO or their designee for resolution.

Users wanting to verify their email address can call the following numbers:

Lubbock Information Technology Solutions Center - (806) 743-1234

Amarillo Information Technology Help Desk - (806) 354-5404

El Paso Information Technology Help Desk - (915) 545-6800

Odessa Information Technology Help Desk - (432) 703-5040

To ensure Institution business is not disrupted, all business cards, stationery, and any other correspondence material must reflect the correct email address format, including contact information on web sites.  All students, faculty, and staff should only use their official TTUHSC email address to facilitate the dissemination of information as well as promote and sustain the lines of communication.

Because email addresses are printed on official stationery, business cards, or any other correspondence material, all print jobs and/or official publications must follow the Publication Guidelines as established by the Office of News and Publications.  Refer to HSC OP 67.01 (Publication Guidelines) for detailed guidelines on printing standards.

Implementation And Compliance Procedure

All TTUHSC students, faculty, and staff will be issued an official TTUHSC email account with the firstname.last/ naming convention format.  This email address will be the only email address used for all official communications between the Institution and students, faculty, and staff.  Emails will not be redirected or forwarded to another, non-TTUHSC account.

Sending Confidential Information

Any emails containing confidential information that are sent to persons outside TTUHSC or TTU must be encrypted. For more information regarding confidentiality and encryption please reference Operating Policy 56.04. For further instructions, go to

 Correspondences containing vital Institutional information must include the following disclaimer at the end of the email:

Confidentiality Notice: This message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information.  Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is strictly prohibited.  If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message.

Mass Email

TTUHSC mass email messages must be approved by the President, Vice Presidents or Deans for distribution of suitable email to TTUHSC schools, campuses and institution.  For the purpose of student mass email communication, a designated representative of Student Services can also distribute mass email to students, with email content that is considered creditable and informative, that does not include commercial interest.

Suitable mass email material for approval includes, but is not limited to:

    • Substantial changes in governance, policy, or practice

    • Immediate threats to health, safety, property, or research

    • Infrastructure maintenance, computer or telecommunication issues

    • Official non-commercial survey material, institutional newsletter publications

    • Institutional newsletter publications

The preferred method of communicating with all members of the schools, campuses and institution, which is not viewed as appropriate material for mass email communication, is through announcement web pages, institutional news article releases, mailing material, leaflets, brochures and notice boards.

To facilitate official mass email communication, Information Technology maintains the resources for email address groups.  Access to send to these groups is restricted to approved representatives only from the governing authorities.  Attempting to send mass email communication to TTUHSC members and groups, which has not been approved by the appropriate authority, is in violation of IT Policy, 1.4.1 Acceptable Use.

Alumni and Retiree Email Accounts        

Official TTUHSC email accounts are only issued to current TTUHSC students, faculty, and staff.  After the owner's biographical record ceases to be supplied from Personnel Records, Student Records, or other approved sources, the eRaider Account Manager will automatically disable access to HSC eMail. Individuals should make plans to transfer their email to another location prior to graduation or last day of employment.

Graduating students who would like to continue to receive information from TTUHSC are strongly encouraged to register themselves at . Users needing help registering on the site should call the Alumni Relations Office at (806)743-3238 or email