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Web content should be in the best interest of TTUHSC and not conflict with the mission of the Institution.  TTUHSC encourages its schools, departments, and administrative areas to utilize web publishing whenever possible to accomplish their goals and support the mission of the Institution.

The quality of the information published on the web directly affects the reputation and image of TTUHSC.  In order to prevent any negative impact to the Institutional reputation and image, the following Institutional web publishing standards should be observed:

  • The department head or their designee within the school, department, or administrative area must approve all official web publications prior to publication.
  • The content and links of all web sites and/or web pages are the responsibility of the web author and their respective departments and/or organizations and should be reviewed/updated on a recurring basis according to the guidelines set forth by the Web Strategy Council to ensure their accuracy.

Sites and/or pages that are not regularly maintained or whose content is deemed outdated by the Associate VP of Information Services may be subject to removal.  A removal notification will be sent out to the registered web publisher 30 days before the site and/or page is removed and a second notice will follow 10 days prior to the removal date.  However, a site and/or page may be removed immediately with the approval of the CIO.

  • Texas Tech logos are legally protected trademarks and unauthorized use of these trademarks is prohibited.  The use of Texas Tech logotypes must remain consistent to provide a strong Institutional identity across the Internet.  All TTUHSC Official Seals and Logos for the website and web pages are implemented in the templates and layouts of the Content Management System.In cases where the Content Management System is not used, other software may be used to manage templates. Altering the logos and lock-ups are prohibited. For print and other uses, the logos and lock-ups must be obtained from the Official Identities area of the Visual Identity Guideline web site for print and other uses.
  • Web publishers/authors must take into account and abide by the appropriate copyright laws.  Refer to the Web Use And Copyright Section for more detailed guidelines.
  • Official web sites and/or web pages should not contain links to sites and/or pages devoted to individual hobbies or interests.
  • TTUHSC encourages students and student organizations to publish web sites and/or web pages.  These web sites and/or web pages are considered unofficial and must be identified as such by displaying the Notice of Disclaimer for Unofficial Web Sites/Pages in the footer section on the site/page.

All TTUHSC web sites and/or web pages must comply with Texas Administrative Code 206 - State Web Sites for accessibility, usability, privacy, security, etc. See the following for more information:

The following elements are required for all Texas Tech Unviersity Health Sciences Center web sites and/or web pages:

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