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The Information Services (IS) department of the IT Division provides institutional support services in web development, instruction and research, legacy systems, integration and data warehousing, as well as personal and institutional computer support.  The Information Services department areas include the Self-Help Center, the IT Solutions Center (ITSC), Programming, Applications & Web Services (PAWS), and PC Support. Let the following descriptions help you decide what area best meets your needs:

IT Solution Center (ITSC)

  • Assists with over the phone institutional computer service and issues.
  • Helps with mobile phone and TTUHSC e-mail set up.
  • Helps with buying software/hardware.

IT Self-Help Solution Center

  • Learning hub for students and faculty who are having problems with their personal computers or mobile devices.
  • Helps teach user in-person how to fix a variety of problems with their devices.

PC Support

  • In-person assistance with institutional computers and can solve multiple issues you might be having with your computer.
  • Work order must be submitted via STARS (faculty & staff only)

Programming, Applications and Web Services (PAWS)

  • Focuses on web design, development, and infrastructure.
  • Main projects are E-Learning, Merlin, and Web development for the institution and other departments.