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TechLink is an interactive, video-broadcasting system that allows students from satellite campuses to sit in, and participate in lectures in a different city. In the past year, Information Technology’s TechLink supported 21,400 hours of distance education in 52 classrooms, which is a third more than what they did the previous year. “We are so geographically separated; an instructor is able to reach many more students than if we didn’t have this type of system. If we didn’t have TechLink, the instructors would have to travel between campuses, or we’d have to have a full complement of faculty at all the different campuses. It makes more economical sense for the institution,” Paul Thomas, Senior Administrator of Integrated Technology Services, said. Covering and supporting the Amarillo, Lubbock, Odessa, Midland, Dallas, El Paso, and Abilene campuses, TechLink provides more than just distance education. TechLink represents the cornerstone technology for the educational environment.

Need to schedule a TechLinked room?

Do it through the Virtual Event Management System (VEMS), follow the link to Webraider -- and log in with your eRaider credentials. Select the HSC Employee tab and then “Event Management System (EMS)” under the Important Texas Tech Links – HSC.

Instructions and Downloads

TechLink classrooms and conferences rooms for regional and Lubbock campuses