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Navigating Frames

When logging in directly to edit a page, the Pages view (Content tab > Pages) shows the available editable regions. The availability of regions for editing can be determined by templates and authority levels. Once a region is chosen for editing, the WYSIWYG editor toolbar is shown by default. For more information, please see WYSIWYG Editor Toolbar Reference.

Editable Regions

Click on the arrow to the left or right to navigate frames to a different view. The arrows will move as you click on them, but they will always appear at the top of the page.

Expand and Collapse the screen

Navigating with the arrows expands or collapses a screen split.

Navigation Arrows

In expanded site view the CMS shows the files and subdirectories for a directory and the Page Actions toolbar. The page actions include a comprehensive set of functions that can be performed on a page. Available functions are dependent upon whether the page is checked out or not (and other page states), and authority level. For more information, see Page Actions.

Expanded view

When expanded further, the Content > Pages view is shown. This is also the default view when clicking Content > Pages. For more information, see Content Pages View.

Expanded further view