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Adding or Removing Links from the Departmental Left Navigation

In the Pages view of the main directory folder locate the _nav folder.

nav folder

Click on the _nav folder and locate the departmental tier3nav.xhtml file.

Point to the file name tier3nav.xhtml and click the file name or click Edit to open the WYSIWYG editor.

tier 3 nav file

The WYSISYG editor will load a preview of the left navigation as a bulleted list.

tier 3 nav how to 1 bulleted list preview

Edit the list to add a new bullet point.

To enter another menu item for the left navigation put your cursor where you want the new item and hit "Enter".

tier 3 left nav how to place cursor in list

Type in the text for the new menu item.

tier 3 nav how to new item

To add menu item flyouts, hit enter and then click on "Increase Indent" in the WYSIWYG toolbar. This will create a sub list bullet.

left nav increase indent

Type in the text for your flyout menu.

tier 3 left nav sub bullet flyout text

Link the navigation to the page.

Once you have entered all of the pages and the pages have actually been created you can add links to them by highlighting the text and clicking on the insert hyperlink widget and navigating to the new page(s).

left nav insert edit link


Save, check in, or publish the page.

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