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Previewing a Page

Prior to checking out or editing a page, a page can be previewed. This view provides limited functionality in that no buttons are available for editing or saving the file. Preview does allow for server selection, which can be used in conjunction with Multi-Target Publish to provide views of different variations of the same page prior to publishing to the live production server. With Multi-Output Preview, the page can be previewed in all published formats (for instance, HTML and PDF). With Multi-Browser Preview, it is also possible to preview the page as it will appear in other browsers across multiple platforms. The rendered preview of a page will display all graphics and server-side includes. Other server-side scripting code is not be displayed in Page Preview mode. Preview can be utilized with various alternative publish targets, if Multi-Target Publish is being used. The page preview includes the graphics, server-side includes, and assets. The default preview is the first product declaration.

The Preview screen also allows users the ability to use Multi-Browser Preview Preview. Multi-Browser Preview is a handy test tool to preview a page as it is rendered by any number of browsers on either or both the Windows or Mac OS operating system. Multi-Output Preview refers to the drop-down by which an output can be reviewed prior to publishing. For example, if the template configuration for a page includes publishing as a PDF as well as an HTML file both outputs are available for preview. This requires that the XML portion of the template include the pcf-stylesheet declaration that among other attributes includes the path to the stylesheet that assists in the transformation of the page. For more information:

Page Preview

Preview can be navigated from the folder structure viewable from Content > Pages or from DirectEdit log in. Pages can be previewed whether it is checked out to the current user or not, and users can preview files checked out to others. Immediately after editing and saving a page, a rendered preview is displayed, with the option to see a preview in other browsers. It is possible to navigate to the preview at any time using the Preview button.

Page Preview from Content > Pages View

Preview from Content Pages

Page preview with Preview or Edit Modes

Preview from Edit Modes

Muli-Browser Preview

Users can select different browser and platform combinations such as Mac OS or Windows to preview a page before publishing, resulting in full-resolution screenshots of the page in each selected browser. For more information, see:

Multi-Browser Preview

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