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Send for Approval

If an approval workflow is in place, and users, content areas, or a content type have had an approver assigned, then a user may have to send the content for approval rather than being able to publish directly. Content must be checked out before it can be submitted for approval.

Instead of a Publish item on-screen, they will see a Submit button or Submit for Approval item on the Publish menu.

Send for approval dropdowns

Sending the page to an approver transfers the checked-out status from the current user to the approver to whom the page is sent. The sent content is shown in both the user's and the approver's Workflow with a status of Pending Approval. Content in an approval workflow is also shown on the Pending Approval report.

Approval email message

Sending for Approval

Both pages and binary files can utilize the approval workflow.

  1. To:  Select the user from the drop-down next to the To field. If an approver has been enforced, the To field is auto-populated, and there will not be a drop-down available.
  2. Subject:  Required. A brief subject used to help identify the file for review.
  3. Message:  Optional. Users enter a brief description in the text field to help approvers identify the changes that have been made.
  4. Send Copy to Email:  Sends an email to the approver's external email address in addition to the internal OU Campus message received in the approver's workflow Inbox.
  5. Submit Button:  Click to send the content to the approver.

Reviewing Content Sent for Approval

Once content has been sent to an approver using Submit or Submit for Approval, the content's status becomes checked out to the approver. The approver can access content that has been sent to them from the list view of the content, from the Workflow using the Dashboard > Workflow option on the global navigation bar, or by clicking the link in the external email that was sent.

For more information:


Content that is awaiting approval is identified by the Thumbs Up icon in the Flag column of the file's corresponding row. Files that have different icons in the status column other than the Thumbs Up icon will be unavailable for approval but may still be viewed by clicking the hyperlinked file path on the corresponding row in the list view. It is important to remember that only one page can be selected to review at a time.

To review a page sent for approval:

  1. Navigate to the content by choosing Workflow under the Dashboard dropdown:
  2. Click the linked content to view it in Preview:
    Approval Process and Selections
  3. The page is available to edit, publish directly, reassign, decline, or decline and revert.
    Declining the page gives you the option to revert to a previous version:
    Declining a Page
  4. Reassign allows an approver to reassign content to another user. This sends the page or file, with the edits made by the user who originally sent the page into the workflow, to a different user. The page is then checked out to the new user and is in the new user's workflow. Only Level 9 and 10 administrators and users who have access to the content are shown in the drop-down list for users to whom the page may be sent.
    Reassign Screen


--If the user has an approver, the Submit button is shown instead of the Publish button.

--To reassign from either the Publish or the Submit button, click the button and select Reassign.

--Depending upon settings and the user, there may or may not be additional functionality available with the Publish button, including Schedule and Expire.

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