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Technology Services

The Technology Services (TS) department of the Information Technology Division provides the institution with services in the areas of server administration, networking, data storage, video-conferencing, and systems management. Technology services provide and support:

  • A high-speed ATM or Gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure at all campus locations.
  • Institutional data file storage, printing services, and e-mail services.
  • Essential backup services of Institutional data.
  • Support, maintenance and backup of departmental servers.
  • Internet connectivity, including network connectivity on-site at each campus, and remote Virtual Private Networking (VPN).
  • Video teleconferencing services in support of Institutional needs in the areas of distance learning, telemedicine, and general business activities. This includes management and technical support on all HSC campuses, for videoconferencing network operations, equipment maintenance, event scheduling, technical research and development, videoconferencing facility design, and customer technical support.

But, what this list does not include is what these services mean to the end user. Without their services, tasks as simple as checking e-mail, teleconferencing, or looking at an image on a computer would not be possible.