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Data Center

The Data Center is not something most students or faculty get the chance to see. The Data Center is a hub that secures institutional and departmental servers. The servers are the physical presence of the network (Ex: Wireless on campus). Currently, the Data Center hosts 185 servers and 80 virtual servers in the basement of the HCS. These servers consist of web servers, database servers, SQL, and Exchange. The entire network is supported from this one basement room. The Data Center has achieved tier-three status based on their efforts to make a safe and quality center.

The Data Center encompasses:

  • 2 Locations
  • 150 (150,000 Gigabytes) Terabytes of storage
  • 150 Physical servers
  • 86 Virtual Servers
  • 179 LAN Virtual Machines
  • 23 Data Center dedicated network switches
  • 912 Data Center dedicated network ports
  • 640 Gallons of propylene glycol (antifreeze) in computer room air conditioner
  • 45 Tons of air conditioning in Data Center
  • 110 KVA of Un-interruptable Power (equivalent to 85HP)
  • 2 Data Center dedicated fire suppression systems (Halon and FM 200)
  • 23 Rack space Racks with 966 units of space