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Empowering Women, Forging New Alliances

TTUHSC doesn't just teach — it questions and provokes. As part of this mission to challenge its community and inspire meaningful leadership, the School of Medicine is committed to creating a diverse and equal leadership team dedicated to empowering women, forging new alliances and moving the needle on workplace equality.

Through strong female leadership, networking opportunities and engaging presentations by women in medicine throughout our university, TTUHSC equips women and men to support and encourage women's advancement.

Why Women in Leadership Matters

From learning to speak up to unbalanced representation in important decision-making, women can face many workplace challenges as they climb the ranks in their careers. Medicine is no exception.

For the first time in history, “the number of women enrolling in U.S. medical school exceeded the number of men” in 2017. While a revolutionary milestone, today women make up only 34% of physicians in the U.S. and still have little representation in medical leadership.

At TTUHSC, we prioritize building equity and access for women in leadership to create diversity of thought and skills in the medical field. With equal representation and an array of backgrounds and perspectives, we will work to create an inclusive workspace that provides groundbreaking patient care.

Women in Leadership Organizations

One way TTUHSC is working to address the challenges of women in leadership is to create and allow spaces where women can come together to empower each other and work toward fixing unbalanced representation. Learn more about available organizations at TTUHSC:


Female Leaders at TTUHSC

TTUHSC employs a variety of respected female researchers, directors, doctors and other women in leadership. Meet a few of our many notable female leaders.

Sharmila Dissanaike

Sharmila Dissanaike, M.D.
Professor and Chair | TTUHSC Department of Surgery
Assistant Medical Director | Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center at UMC

Dissanaike is renowned for her experience in trauma care, burns and critical care. As a professor and chair in the Department of Surgery, she has received numerous awards from residents and students. She is active in clinical surgery and serves a number of roles on national committees including, the American Burn Association and American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma.

Cynthia Jumper

Cynthia Jumper, M.D.
TTUHSC Correctional Managed Health Care

A former chair of Internal Medicine at TTUHSC, Jumper has made an incredible impact on our university. She is currently working with the university’s correctional managed health care to provide care to over 32,000 offenders in West Texas. Jumper is a critical care medicine specialist and has been practicing for 30 years.


Lesley Motheral

Lesley Motheral, M.D.
Texas Tech Physicians

Motheral specializes in pediatrics at Texas Tech Physicians and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in Lubbock, Texas. For 13 years, she has provided compassionate care and goes out of her way to make her patients feel safe and important.

Josee Guindon

Josee Guindon, Ph.D.
TTUHSC Pharmacology and Neuroscience

Guindon leads a lab to investigate using behavioral, pharmacological and molecular biology to better understand the different mechanisms involved in pain pathways. Her goal is to better improve patient care suffering with chronic pain. She received $691,332 in grants, over five years to study the mechanisms of cannabinoid tolerance. Guindon is a remarkable leader in pharmacology research.

Ming Kang

Ming Kang, Pharm.D.
Professor | TTUHSC Department of Pediatrics – SOM Cancer Center
Director | Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory - SOM Cancer Center

Kang works as a professor and director at TTUHSC. She has extensive experience in pediatric cancers, cancer biology and clinical and medical pharmacology. Her research has been continuously funded by both Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Denise Deshields

Denise Deshields, M.D.
Executive Medical Director
TTUHSC Correctional Managed Health Care

Deshields works as the executive medical director of TTUHSC’s Correctional Managed Health Care that provides care to over 32,000 state offenders in West Texas. With over 20 years’ experience as a doctor, Deshields has helped TTUHSC become a leader in correctional managed care while also providing care as a family medicine doctor in El Paso, Texas.