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ESP Newsletters vs the ESP Blog


  • Both provide updating and draw a focus on information that is critical to overall acaademic success.
  • Both draw on recent research so that the website remains current and readers are well informed.


ESP Newsletters:
  • Regular and more frequent; timed to monitor progress starting at point of admission (premedical status)
  • Designed primarily for students, especially new students
  • Aimed at teaching the principles addressed in the prematriculation block
  • Providing more personalized support based on feedback and experience with medical students
  • Repeating annual cycle
  • Automatically sent to students who register their names as participants
ESP Blog:
  • Less frequent; not tied to a point in time
  • More complete development of concepts; extension into related and relevant concepts such as complexity and philosophy
  • Designed for wider variety of interests; teachers, physicians, students
  • Expanded, anonymous replies to questions and comments that address issues in implementing ESP or in modifying it 
  • Automatically sent to students who register their names as participants and teachers who opt-in to the mailing list

The ESP Teachers Blog  

Addressing concepts and issues that affect both teaching and its outcome

ESP Student Blog

"Mindful Learning - Developing Entrustable Skills," dedicated to students  by addressing additional ESP concepts that can help you gain the thinking skills most desired by residency program directors.

The ESP One-Pager Newsletter

I will use the One-Pager to notify you of what you should be thinking about at different points in time.  Skill development requires coaching, whether it be music, sports, or medicine.  Better thinking leads to better decisions and better decisions lead to better performance.  

Got Questions, Comments, Opinions?

We're here to help. Contact us  if you have questions.  Let us know how you view the ESP with comments or suggestions for improvement.  If you have an opinion that can benefit others please also provide a rationale. 

John Pelley, MBA, PhD