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General Directions For Groups

Each Step 1 Prep group will need to select their questions for each week.

  • In year 1, it is recommended initially to only use six concept type questions or three case vignette questions; the goal is to only use one hour for review unless the group chooses to do more.
  • The strength of this method is not as much in the time for each session, but the regularity; there will be a carry-over effect that will increase the productivity of your individual study time.
  • During the first year, skills are developed for maximum group effectiveness during the second year of the program; test scores should also be higher due to improved learning skills.

Since weekly topic coverage changes slightly for each year, questions are not organized by the week in the curriculum but rather by topic.

  • Questions are grouped into subtopics to permit efficient selection
  • Important: Select questions based on coverage in the answer choices, not in the stem!
  • Remember that question coverage in any group session requires that the topics have been taught recently in the curriculum.
  • Questions selected for each session should be eligible topics for the upcoming exam. This process cannot work on a voluntary basis without fulfilling this criterion.

All questions in this bank have been screened for relevancy to the Block examinations.

  • Relevancy means specifically that the answer choices are all relevant topics that constitute important knowledge that may be tested in any given year.

Each block in the Year 1 curriculum listed below is linked to a page containing question sets for use during the ESP Step 1 Prep group sessions. Annotated answers are provided where available. However, remember that active digging into notes and other resources is part of the process that helps your long-term memory.


Questions are not supplied for year 2 because at this point students need to develop a sense of locating their own resources. The stress of adaptation and "getting in the habit" with group problem solving needs to have as few barriers as possible. Also, not as many questions are needed for year 2 because all case questions should be case vignette and should use the side-to-side concept mapping method, at least at first.