ESP Block 2: Orientation Week Workshops | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

This page is being redesigned to provide updated plans for one or more orientation sessions during "P3 Week" designed to help bridge from the Prematriculation Block into Block 3 that applies the concepts in your everyday learning.  P3 week is designed to precede the Clinically Oriented Anatomy block to allow socialization and adaptation before the pace picks up. The social distancing guidelines, which are likely to persist past the holiday break, are changing the nature of P3 week by limiting the in-person activities.  More information will be forthcoming from the SOM administration on P3 week for the fall of 2020.  The ESP presentations are designed to serve several purposes:

  1. A summary of the main points in the ESP prematriculation self-study
  2. An introduction to any students who missed the invitation email or who were skeptical but are still curious,
  3. More information on how the new component, a non-credit elective in EPA Thinking, and
  4. A mini-workshop/Q&A covering the mystery and promise of concept mapping.  
  5. A mini-workshop/Q&A covering plans for assisting interested students in the ESP Step 1 Prep method