Observing a physician is an important and great way to gain exposure and experience on the road to your career in healthcare. Due to the limited number of physicians and relatively large number of students seeking observation opportunities, finding a physician who can act as a mentor may be challenging.

Getting Started

The two primary methods of securing a mentor are:

  1. For those students who have a local connection we always suggest starting with your resources.  Consult your professors and advisors to see if they have any contacts here at TTUHSC/Texas Tech Physicians that they might be able to direct you to or that have accepted previous students.  It’s always good to start with someone you know.
  2. For those students who may not be local or who have interests that do not match placements with established contacts at TTUHSC/TTP, we recommend going online and searching the Texas Tech Physicians directory for a physician with the specialty that interests you. 


Make sure to filter the Physician listings by location and keep in mind your interests as you are the one who ultimately knows what you would like to gain from your experience.  Many of the physicians listed in the directory practice at University Medical Center and may not see patients at a Texas Tech Physician's clinic. NOTE: Volunteer Services only clears observation applicants who have made arrangements with a Texas Tech Physician in the outpatient environment.  Observers wishing to serve at University Medical Center hospital must contact the UMC and complete their process separately.

Making Contact

We encourage students to contact potential mentors via email. 

In the email request, the potiential observer should include:

  • The primary objective of their request to observe
  • A proposed schedule of when they could observe during the normal work-week
  • Any healthcare background or other objectives they hope to accomplish
  • A resume or CV may also increase the chances of observing

PLEASE NOTE:  Mentors may only respond if they are able to accommodate you during certain times.  It is acceptable to apply to multiple potential mentors.  If you don’t hear back from physicians you have contacted, they most likely do not have time or space to accomodate you. 

Apply with Volunteer Services as an observer

Follow these instructions to be cleared with Volunteer Services to observe a TTUHSC physician after a physician has agreed to host you in their clinic.