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DATE: 01/14/2010
CONTACT: Suzanna C. Martinez ( )
PHONE: (806) 743-2143

Texas Tech F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Endowment Receives Additional Gift

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Interim President Elmo Cavin announced Ms. F. Marie Hall has added to the endowment of the institute that bears her name.

In February 2006, Ms. Hall created the F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health. Ms. Hall’s investment endowed one of the premier centers for rural and health excellence in the United States.

Cavin said it is an honor to be affiliated with Hall.

“Ms. Hall is a tremendous advocate for the people of West Texas.” Cavin said. “She has changed the landscape of this university and our programs in countless ways.”

Ms. Hall’s vision is to develop a world-class multidisciplinary contingency of experts from a wide variety of fields and specialties required to understand and improve the local circumstances of persons living in rural areas throughout the globe.

Billy Philips, Ph.D., vice president and director of the F. Marie Hall Institute, said Ms. Hall’s continued commitment and generosity will benefit the people of West Texas.

“Ms. Hall is a champion for rural health and has translated her vision into the reality of the institute. We are blessed to be able to join Ms. Hall in focusing our imagination, our talents and our energy to improve the health and well-being of the people and communities of rural Texas.”

The institute recently helped develop new programs to increase access to pediatric care for children in rural areas through Project CHART (Children’s Healthcare Access for Rural Texas), in developing a regional center for Health Information Technology to assist primary care providers to adopt and use electronic health records, and in formulating a Beacon Communities Project for Lubbock that would provide a model for health information exchange.

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