Service Development | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Why Serve?

Although we all want to volunteer for altruistic reasons, it is human nature that we also need to "get something back" from a service experience. SERVICE can be viewed as an EXCHANGE. As we give of our time and talents, we receive personal benefits as well.

Benefits of Service

  • Personal - Use service opportunities to:
    • Practice self-discovery;
    • Explore your values and place in the world;
    • Expand your education by making connections between your classes and the "real world";
    • Challenge yourself.
  • Social - Use the group settings of service opportunities to:
    • Feel needed, connected and like you are contributing;
    • Share your knowledge and expertise with others while learning from them;
    • Meet and make new friends;
    • Foster deeper bonds with team members and friends.
  • Charitable - Get a good feeling from:
    • Lending a hand to those in need;
    • Taking an active part in your community's well-being;
    • Making an impact on others' lives, as well as your own;
    • Helping to combat social injustice.
  • Vocational - Get more out of volunteering than the good-will!
    • Build your resume with experiences that employers covet.
    • Learn and develop job and interpersonal skills.
    • Make career contacts and network.
    • Explore new fields and interests with freedom.
    • Gain future job experience.

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