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Research Integrity Office - Education Requirements

All Principal Investigators, all Co-Investigators, and all research staff are required to receive training regarding the protection of human research subjects prior to beginning any human research-related activities.  This training will be verified prior to iRIS access being granted.  

Required Training

Human Subject Protection Training:

Each person conducting or assisting in the conduct of a research project that involves human participants is first required to complete training on ethical and regulatory issues. 

The course currently approved by TTUHSC is the web-based Course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects- Biomedical Investigator administered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

CITI Instructions:


To begin the on-line course, go to the following web site: and select "Register for the Course." After selecting Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as your institution, you will be directed to select a Username and Password.  On the CITI registration page you will need to select "Biomedical Investigator Course Only" and you will then have access to the required modules. 


Course Completion

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to download a course transcript.  TTUHSC is also notified of your successful completion of the course.  You will be required to achieve an overall score of at least 80% to successfully complete the course. 

Renewal Training

All investigators and research staff are required to renew their education training on the protection of human research subjects at least once ever 3 years. The ability to submit new projects or continuing reviews of ongoing projects may be limited if more than 3 years elapse between completion of the course. Renewal training is identical to the initial CITI course. 

Conflict of Interest Training:

Beginning in May, 2016, TTUHSC requires all employees (including researchers) to complete ANNUAL training regarding financial conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment.  The TTUHSC institution-wide requirement for training and disclosure has been merged with the Research requirement, so those involved in the design, conduct or reporting of research will now complete a single annual training and disclosure module to meet both sets of requirements.  Conflict of interest and commitment training and financial disclosures are now required at least annually, and within 30 days of a change in significant financial interests.  The training and disclosure modules may be accessed through "Required Courses" on ACME or through the "Training Resources" tab on WebRaider.  If you do not have an eRaider account, please contact Jennifer Board (; 806-414-9935) for assistance. 

Suggested Training

Research Integrity Office staff at each TTUHSC campus are available to provide individual or group training regarding specific issues related to submission and review of research projects that involve human subjects.  These training sessions can be tailored to the needs of the individual or group with regard to both the time involved and the content presented.  Please contact your local IRB Administrator to discuss your training needs.  

For more information on CITI Training, you can visit this link.

For training-related questions, please contact Jennifer Board at (806) 414-9935 or by email at