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Financial Disclosure Information


Beginning in May, 2016, TTUHSC requires all employees to complete annual training regarding financial conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment.   The requirement is outlined in TTUHSC’s  Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy (HSC OP 10.05)Federal regulations  and TTUHSC’s Financial Conflict of Interest in Research (HSC OP 73.09) policy also require training and disclosure of significant financial interests for Principal Investigators, Senior/Key study personnel and anyone involved in non-exempt research with human subjects.  

The TTUHSC institution-wide requirement for training and disclosure has been merged with the Research requirement, so those involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of research will complete a single, annual training and disclosure module to meet both sets of requirements.  

Conflict of interest and commitment training and financial disclosures are required on at least an annual basis, and within 30 days of a change in significant financial interests.  

The training and disclosure modules may be accessed through “Required Courses” on ACME, through the “Training Resources” tab on WebRaider or by clicking   *HERE*.    When completing the disclosure portion of the module, be sure to indicate that you ARE involved in research.

If you do not have an eRaider ID, or if you have questions about this requirement for researchers, please contact Virginia Smith in the TTUHSC Research Integrity Office at .  For questions about the institutional requirement or technical questions about completion of the training and disclosure, please contact the TTUHSC Institutional Compliance Office at 806-743-2307, or by email at  



Please DO NOT use the links above.  TTUHSC at El Paso has a separate disclosure requirement.  

For more information on your disclosure requirements, kindly contact Cynthia Ramirez at 915-215-4450 or