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Clinical Laboratory Science


Professional Curriculum Standard Option

Junior Year Fall SemesterCredit Hours
AHMT 3400 Clinical Chemistry I 4 hours
AHMT 3405 Clinical Bacteriology I 4 hours
AHMT 3455 Principles of Immunology 4 hours
AHMT 3110 Professional Issues in CLS 1 hour
AHMT 4300 Applied Statistics and Research 3 hours
Total Hours 16 hours
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
AHMT 3310 Urinalysis and Body Fluids 3 hours
AHMT 3450 Clinical Chemistry II 4 hours
AHMT 3460 Clinical Bacteriology II 4 hours
AHMT 3470 Hematology I 4 hours
Total Hours 15 hours
Summer SemesterCredit Hours
AHMT 4405 Molecular Diagnostics 4 hours
AHMT 4420 Laboratory Management 4 hours
AHMT 4455 Parasitology/Mycology 4 hours
Total Hours 12 hours
Senior Year Fall Semester*Credit Hours
AHMT 4185 Clinical Correlations 1 hour
AHMT 3465 Immunohematology I 4 hours
AHMT 4640 Clinical Preceptorship I 6 hours
AHMT 4480 Hematology II 4 hours
Total Hours 15 hours
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
AHMT 4741 Clinical Preceptorship II 7 hours
AHMT 4842 Clinical Preceptorship III 8 hours
AHMT 4105 Senior Seminar 1 hour
Total Hours 16 hours
Total Credit Hours RequiredCredit Hours
Prerequisites 57-58 hours
Professional Curriculum 74 hours
Total Hours for B.S. degree 131-132 hours

During professional studies, students are required to adhere to all departmental policies and academic and behavioral guidelines as outlined in the Student Handbook and Clinical Preceptorship Manual.

A student must have the permission of the program director to be concurrently enrolled in another university while a student at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.