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The program consists of of 54 semester credit hours of upper-level undergraduate courses. Courses will rotate and students will register as they appear each semester. Through this format, students can complete the course requirements for a baccalaureate degree, which combines the credits earned for the associate's degree and the common core.

Clinical Services Management Curriculum

Required Core Courses
AHCM 4302 Financial Management for Clinical Supervisors
AHCM 4303 Principles of Personal Management for Clinical Supervisors
AHCM 4304 Management of Clinical Support Services in Healthcare Organizations
AHCM 4306 Marketing Principles and Entrepreneurship
AHCM 4311 US Healthcare System
Required Advanced Management Courses
AHCM 4313 Community Health Issues
AHCM 4314 Quality Assurance/Risk Management
AHCM 4317 Statistics for Healthcare Supervisors
AHCM 4318 Healthcare Law/Ethics
AHCM 4331 Leadership in Healthcare Organizations
AHCM 4401 Healthcare Management Information Systems
AHCM 4477 Case Study - Summer I
AHCM 4478 Case Study - Summer II
Elective Courses (Students must complete any four of the following)
AHCM 4305 Capital Project Design
AHCM 4308 Organizational Behavior
AHCM 4312 Foundations of Managed Care
AHCM 4315 Issues in Gerontology for Healthcare Managers
AHCM 4316 Integrated Delivery Systems and Organizational Relationships
AHCM 4320 Long Term Care Management
AHCM 4321 Regulatory Aspects of Long Term Care
AHCM 4354 Rehabilitation Counseling Policy and Practice
AHCM 4360 Special Topics
AHCM 4361 Special Topics
AHCM 4363 Long Term Care Practicum