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Module 2: Supervision Process in Fieldwork

Below are three PowerPoint Presentations focused on aspects of Supervision.


The first describes student expectations.  Understanding these expectations may allow Fieldwork Educators (FWE's) to be more effective.  The expectations presented here have been described in the literature and from direct communications with students.

    Student Expectations for Fieldwork (Audio)

     Student Expectations for Fieldwork

The second PowerPoint focuses on Generational Differences and how they may influence a Fieldwork situation.  Included are typical behaviors of each generation, a description of mismatches between generations, and some suggestions to improve misunderstandings.

    Generational Differences (Slide)

The third PowerPoint describes common roles of the different people involved in Fieldwork.  You should be able to describe the basic duties of all people involved after viewing this slideshow.

    Roles in Fieldwork

Below is an AOTA document that can help you further define and describe the specific role of a FWE by focusing on identified competencies needed for being a FWE.  These role competencies allow the FWE to take a reflective look at how they are meeting the described roles.

   Fieldwork Role Competencies (Worksheet)

Below is another AOTA document that may help a FWE become aware of their strengths/weakness and develop plans to fulfill the roles presented on this webpage.  This document can help FWE’s improve their teaching and mentoring abilities over their careers.

    Self Assessment Tool for FWE (Worksheet)