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Module 4: Fieldwork Evaluation

Below is an AOTA document that helps to describe what to expect with regards to students performance on Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (FWPE) items. 


How to Interpret this Document

Note at the top of the sheet are items that are considered “Easiest” by FWE’s and perceived by FWE’s to be things students should be able to master more quickly. As you go down the sheet, the items are considered more difficult and are perceived to require more time to master.  This can be a very useful tool to show students.


You may want to consider if your “personal/facility expectations”  match this document.  If so, you can communicate these expectations to the student through the use of this sheet.  If your expectations vary substantially, you still might use this sheet as a way to communicate your “differing view” of specific expectations in relation to the FWPE.  As we have mentioned before, clear expectations allow most students to perform better.


    Ordering of Student FW Tasks


Below is an AOTA PowerPoint that helps to explain how to use the Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (FWPE), which we use to score students on the FW II. Some of the key points are:

1. Each item must be scored including items on OTA supervision (even if no OTA is available at your facility).  If no OTA is available, it is suggested that the OT student will provide discussion or other evidence that indicates a clear understanding of the rules, regulations, and practices needed to interact with and supervise an OTA.

2. Items 1-3 must receive a 3 or 4 on final evaluations for the student to be passed.

3. Students should be expected to perform at a score of 2 at midterm for most items.

4. Students should be expected to perform at a 3 for most items at the end of the FW experience.  A 4 is intended to be reserved for student performance in the top 5% of all students.

5. A rating of 3 indicates entry level performance for the setting in which the FW is being performed.

    How to Score the FWPE (Slides)

Below are AOTA case examples of how to score the FWPE.

    Examples of how to score with the FWPE

Below is draft copy of the FWPE so you can see the items that will be scored.  Each TTUHSC MOT student will bring their own FWPE with them on their FWII for you to complete at midterm and final evaluation.