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Module 5: Tools for Fieldwork

Below is the current FW data form.  It is intended to be a communication tool between the FW facility and the unversity.  It is long and in some places confusing to many people who fill them out.  I am always glad to assist with interpretations of this tool.  I always HIGHLY recommend that people use this in the "Word document" format, so that it can 1) be easily changed as needed without having to do the whole thing over, and 2) so that it can be updated yearly and you can simply send the form to TTUHSC (or all schools) as a simple e-mail attachment.


FW Data Form 2008


Below is an AOTA PowerPoint focusing on writing site specific objectives.  Site specific objectives are useful to all parties involved.

  1. They can help students understan specifically just what is expected of them.
  2. They can help the facility and the FWE's know exactly what and how to measure in regards to student performance since the objectives are specific to the actual setting.
  3. They can be helpful for universities in that we can better understand what to include in our curricula so that our students come to you prepared.


Writing Site Specific Objectives


After reviewing the about PowerPoint, go to the links below and consider the available "Site Specific Objective" examples provided by TTUHSC and AOTA.  The TTU HSC objectives are linked to TTUHSC identified.  Using these will allow you "not re-invent the wheel" so to speak.  Consider how your facility can use the same or similar objectives in relation to the FWPE.


TTUHSC FW I Objectives

TTUHSC FW II Objectives

AOTA's Site Specific Objectives


Below are simple forms that help to put thoughts, successes, and concerns down on paper in a weekly format at Mid-term, and when a student needs specific help to improve behaviors and actions.  Students consistently report that writing down these ideas helps to communicate more clearly exactly where they stand during their FW.  It may be a good habit for you as a FWE to write down how a student is doing.  It may be especially helpful when you have a student who is struggling.  Students who struggle need expectations to become even more clearly defined.  Also, you will have clear record of what you have been doing to work with the student.  This will be helpful in the even that the student fails the FW.


Student/Supervisor Weekly Review Form

Mid-Term Review Form

Learning Contract Template


Many other ideas and tools may be found using the links provided below:


Resources for a new Fieldwork site

FW Issues discussed in OT Practice