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How to Use This Website

This website has 6 total educational modules.  This page is intended to provide you with a picture of how you might use the site for your own specific situation. Because there will be therapist’s with a wide variety of skills and abilities, confidence levels, and with varying focus, the website needs to be flexible.

With this in mind, we have tried to provide each of you with the ability to take what you want, whether it is part of one module, an entire module, or the whole site over time.  The intention is to have you be in charge of your own learning and move through the education modules presented as you see fit. 

You will find a general flow to the modules.  There will be links that open up PowerPoint presentations.  These presentations will give you content and tools that will be related to the module.  The PowerPoint presentations may be offered with audio files attached or simply as slideshow (no audio and can be more easily printed).  You will also be presented with links to other websites (especially AOTA).  Finally, you will have word documents that may be editable or non-editable.  If they can be edited, feel free to use those documents with your students by typing into them as helpful.  If they can not be edited, it is simply because it does not seem necessary for the use of that document.   As you work through these presentations, you are encouraged to consider how the material can be applied to your setting or situation.