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Rehabilitation Counseling


Purpose Statement

It is our purpose to provide a quality comprehensive rehabilitation counselor education program that is progressive in the areas of pedagogy, technology and research that fosters students’ personal and professional growth and provides leadership in the field at the local and national levels.


  • To recruit, educate and graduate a diverse population of students who are prepared to provide rehabilitation counseling services in a variety of employment settings.
  • To provide a rigorous academic environment that provides a solid foundation to prepare entry level Rehabilitation Counselors who meet national certification standards.
  • To work closely with the public and private rehabilitation communities to ensure well-trained graduates who are considered valued employees.
  • To develop a faculty that is valued by our students and the rehabilitation community for our teaching, research, and service.
  • To achieve the highest quality program possible within the constraints of available financial, human, technological, and time resources.
  • To develop commitment within students to empower individuals with disabilities to identify and maximize their resources to meet their developmental, vocational, independent living, and educational needs.
  • To instill within students a commitment to develop a life long commitment to learning professionalism continuing education throughout their career.

Rehabilitation Counseling Curriculum

Core Coursework Credit Hours
HPRC 5301 Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice 3 hours
HPRC 5302 Counseling Theories 3 hours
HPRC 5303 Medical Aspects of Disability 3 hours
HPRC 5304 Employment Development and Career Services 3 hours
HPRC 5305 Case Management 3 hours
HPRC 5306 Psycho-Social Aspects of Disability 3 hours
HPRC 5307 Diversity Along the Lifespan 3 hours
HPRC 5308 Research Methodologies & Interpretation of Research Findings 3 hours
HPRC 5309 Group Counseling Theory and Practice 3 hours
HPRC 5311 Micro Counseling Skills Practice 3 hours
HPRC 5321 Assessment from a Rehabilitation Perspective 3 hours
HPRC 5342 Addictions 3 hours
Total Hours 36 hours
Practical Experience Credit Hours
HPRC 5312 Practicum 3 hours
HPRC 5313 Internship I 3 hours
HPRC 5314 Internship II 3 hours
HPRC 5315 Internship III 3 hours
Total Hours 12 hours
Electives Credit Hours
HPRC 5310 Special Topics 3 hours


The Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) has conferred a certificate of accreditation to the Master of Rehabilitation Counseling program. This recognition provides evidence that the program complies with the educational standards and evaluated by the Commission on Standards and Accreditation for masters’ degree level Programs in Rehabilitation Counselor Education. The program has maintained full accreditation since 2003.


Upon completion of the MRC program, students will possess the competencies and experiences necessary to take the national certification examinations, and if successful, be accredited as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).