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Clinical Practice Management


The following courses are offered at least once every year. MSCPM students entering the program will be required to complete 36 semester hours to meet degree requirements. They will include 30 hours of core class requirements and 6 hours of elective courses.

Clinical Practice Management Curriculum

AHCP 5303 Research Methods
AHCP 5305 Leadership & Ethics in the Health Professions
AHCP 5306 Healthcare Delivery System
AHCP 5307 Practice Management I
AHCP 5308 Practice Management II
AHCP 5309 Decision Making with Business Statistics
AHCP 5310 Coding and Healthcare Law
AHCP 5311 Healthcare Finance and Resources Management
AHCP 5312 Marketing and Strategic Planning
AHCP 5330 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
AHCP 5301 Current Concepts in Healthcare
AHCP 5302 Medical Sociology
AHCP 5315 Professional Development and Healthcare Ethics
AHCP 5316 Independent Study
AHCP 5317 Introduction to Health & Public Policy
AHCP 5322 Quality, Patient Safety & Risk Management