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A graduate student in the speech-language pathology program, on average, can expect to accumulate 25 – 50 ASHA clock hours per semester when assigned to the TTUHSC Speech & Hearing Clinic and 85 clock hours per semester at an externship such as a public school, hospital, early childhood intervention program, rehabilitation facility or home health agency. The course schedule is designed such that each entering class of graduate students moves through the course sequence at the same time.

There are no course electives available to specialize in a particular area. The opportunity to pursue a particular area of interest comes with a choice of placement for clinical practicum experiences.

The speech-language pathology program offers a thesis option OR a written comprehensive examination (“comps”) option.

Example Class Schedule

First Fall SemesterCredit Hours
AHSL 5320 Research Design 3 hours
AHSL 5463 Adult Language Assessment & Intervention 4 hours
AHSL 5424 Pediatric Language Assessment & Intervention 4 hours
AHSL 5381 Graduate Clinical Practicum I: SLP 3 hours
AHSL 5100 Foundations 1 hour
Total Hours 15 hours
First Spring SemesterCredit Hours
AHSL 5325 Childhood Speech Sound Disorders 3 hours
AHSL 5430 Dysphagia 4 hours
AHSL 5382 Graduate Clinical Practicum II: SLP 3 hours
AHSL 5362 Motor Speech Disorders 3 hours
AHSL 6000 Master's Thesis (optional) 1-3 hours
Total Hours 13-16 hours
Summer SemesterCredit Hours
AHSL 5370 Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology 3 hours
AHSL 5383 Graduate Clinical Practicum III: SLP 3 hours
AHSL 6001 Master's Thesis (optional) 1-3 hours
Total Hours 6-9 hours
Second Fall SemesterCredit Hours
AHSL 5201 Clinical Instrumentation and Technology for Communication Disorders 2 hours
AHSL 5143 Aural Rehabilitation Lab 1 hour
AHSL 5243 Aural Rehabilitation 2 hours
AHSL 5328 Voice Disorders 3 hours
AHSL 5329 Fluency Disorders 3 hours
AHSL 5384 Graduate Clinical Practicum IV: SLP 3 hours
AHSL 5110 Capstone Course
AHSL 6002 Master's Thesis (optional)
1 hour
1-3 hours
Total Hours 15-17 hours
Second Spring SemesterCredit Hours
AHSL 5239 Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders 2 hours
AHSL 5466 Augmentative & Alternative Communication 4 hours
AHSL 5385 Graduate Clinical Practicum V: SLP 3 hours
AHSL 6003 Master's Thesis (optional) 1-3 hours
Total Hours 9-12 hours