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Educational Policy Committee

Updated: 11/29/11

Educational Policy Committee Meetings

  • Held on the 2nd Monday of the every month
  • Meetings are open to all faculty and students

Educational Policy Committee Members 2011-2012

Member Department Term Ending
Meryem Kara, MD Internal Medicine (LUB) 2013
Lara Johnson, MD Pediatrics (LUB) 2013
Dixon Santana, MD Surgery (LUB) 2013
John Marchbanks, MD Surgery (LUB) 2013
John Fowler, PhD Physiology (LUB) 2013
John Pelley, PhD Cell Biology and Biochemistry (LUB) 2013
Paul Tullar, MD ObGyn (AMA) 2013
Tetyana Vasylyeva, MD Pediatrics (AMA) 2013
Denise FitzSimon-Hawkes, MD Pediatrics (PB) 2013
Michael Halpert, MD Surgery (PB) 2013
Sharmila Dissanaike, MD Surgery (LUB) 2012
Samuel Campbell, MD Surgery (LUB) 2012
Andrew Dentino, MD Family Medicine (LUB) 2012
Brandt Schneider, PhD Cell Biology and Biochemistry (LUB) 2012
Harry Davis, MD Internal Medicine (ELP) 2012
John Mackay, MD Emergency Medicine (ELP) 2012
Betina Schmitz, MD Ophthalmology (LUB) 2011
Patti Patterson, MD Pediatrics (LUB) 2011
J Barry Lombardini, PhD Pharmacology (LUB) 2011
Timothy Benton, MD Family Medicine (AMA) 2011
Charles Sponsel, MD Family Medicine (PB) 2011
Mickinzie Morgan /
John Watson
MSI Representative (LUB)  
Terry Henry /
Christopher Skillern
MSII Representative (LUB)  
Muming Chen MSIII Representative (AMA)  
Bryon Callahan MSIII Representative (LUB)  
Rathna Nuti MSIII Representative (PB)  
Mohit Joshipura MSIV Representative (AMA)  
Peter Uong MSIV Representative (ELP)  
Charla Allen MSIV Representative (LUB)  
Joshua Goldman MSIV Representative (PB)  
Simon Williams, PhD, ex-officio Academic Affairs (LUB)  
Robert Casanova, MD, ex-officio CSCI Curriculum (LUB)  
Tom Tenner, PhD, ex-officio Faculty Affairs (LUB)  
Lauren Cobbs, MD, ex-officio Student Affairs (LUB)  
Kim Peck, MD, ex-officio Admissions (LUB)  
Kenneth Nugent, MD, ex-officio Teaching Academy (LUB)  
Andrew Dentino, MD, ex-officio Past Chair (LUB)  
Kristin Stutz, ex-officio Educational Programs (AMA)  
Kathryn Horn, MD, ex-officio Educational Programs (ELP)  
Ramona Burdine, MD, ex-officio Educational Programs (PB)  
Vaughan Lee, PhD, ex-officio Education Operations Committee (LUB)  
Dennis Dove, MD, ex-officio Clinical Education Operations Committee (AMA)  
Art Freeman, PhD, ex-officio SPPCC (LUB)  


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