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Medical Oncology

Educational Component

There are multiple structured educational opportunities which include the following:

Oncology Didactic Lectures

The clinical activities of the program take place in this weekly conference, which consist of formal lectures on the biology of cancer, principles of therapy, and the foundations of clinical research. Lecturers include faculty from Medical Oncology, Therapeutic Radiation, Radiology, Surgery, and Medicine, as well as visiting lecturers.

Course Number: MOF0102

Course Name: Cancer Biology& Genetics Course I-II

Course Directors: Name: Everardo Cobos M.D.; Diane Duyen Nguyen, D.O.; Maurizio Chiriva Internati DBSc, Ph.D.

Office: 4C188; SWCC office; 4C186

Email:  Everardo Cobos, MD Maurizio Chiriva, Ph.D.

Office hours: By appointment only

Course Description:  Cancer is a multi-step process driven by molecular changes that take place over time. Although cancer is a heterogeneous disease, many tumors display comparable physiological features. Cellular and molecular basis of cancer; diagnostic cancer imaging and pre-clinical models for human cancer; systems oncology; drug discovery, and treatment of human will be covered. Our groups will convey theoretical and scientific know-how required for genome-wide identification and functional validation of potential cancer targets in vitro and in animal models.

Course Objectives: This course is designed via groups of lectures and discussions to provide an overview of most areas of cancer biology including: cellular and molecular basis of cancer; diagnostic cancer imaging and pre-clinical models for human cancer; systems oncology; drug discovery, and treatment of human cancer.

(i) molecular biology in clinical oncology

(ii) pathobiology of Cancer 

(iii) large-scale high throughput genetic analysis tools including, RNAi libraries, and   lentiviral/rAAV/ shRNA libraries,

(iv) design of viral gene delivery and RNAi strategies,

(v) molecular image analysis,

(vi) development and testing of transgenic and knockdown animal models of lymph/angiogenesis and tumor progression

(vii) application of the above knowledge into translational cancer research

(viii) methods in clinical cancer research

(ix) anticancer agents development

(x) Board Review

(xi) Radiation  Oncology

(xii) ASCO SEP 2nd Edition; De Vita, Hellman, and Rosenberg. Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology, 8th Edition

(xiii) American Society of Clinical Oncology

(xiv) Oncogene and drug discovery and validation

(xv) Biological therapy, Clinical trials, IRB,AICUC,IBC,IND

Course Prerequisite:

Course Assessments:

Textbook: ASCO SEP second Edition Format:

Class sessions will be conducted as lectures by Drs. Chiriva and Cobos and other faculty, student led discussions of current literature, and research presentations by faculty in the Cancer Biology training track. Reading assignments will be original research papers and review articles from the literature.

EXAMS: The course will be pass/fail. This will be determined by attendance and participation in the reading assignments.

Oncology Journal Club

Fellows and faculty meet weekly to present and critically review recent journal articles from the clinical and scientific literature.

Oncology Clinical Conference

This weekly conference focuses on the management of challenging new patients with cases presented in an informal manner by faculty and fellows.

Seminars on the Psychological Dimensions of Cancer Care

A psychiatrist meets weekly with the nursing staff, social workers, fellows, and faculty to discuss psychosocial aspects of caring for cancer patients, problems which the patients may present, and issues facing caregivers. Specific topics are guided by fellows’ current clinical experiences.

Multidisciplinary Staging Conferences/Tumor Boards

These include the following weekly conferences:

• Solid/Non Solid Tumor Board

• Hematology/Pathology Conference

• Hodgkin's Disease Staging Conference

• Breast Tumor Board

• Bone Marrow Transplant Conference

• Medical Oncology Tumor Board

• I.C.

• Sarcoma Tumor Board

Research Group Meetings

Faculty research groups meet weekly to discuss work in progress. Some research groups have additional journal clubs. There are monthly meetings of the Lymphoma Program Project, Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Project groups, and the Clinical Trials group, which include faculty from many departments throughout the Medical School.

Department of Medicine Conferences

The Hematology/Oncology holds weekly lectures. Medical Grand Rounds is held weekly.

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer

This course covers three major areas: cancer cell and molecular biology, carcinogenesis, and fundamental principles of therapy. Fellows may audit these graduate-level courses.

HIPAA Training

Laboratory Safety Training

These two one-time classes satisfy federal and NIH and OSHA requirements.