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2009 Resident Research Day Presentations

Teratospermia and Male Obesity J. Petty (PGY III), S. Prien, A. Kennedy and S. Jabara 

Fertility Trials of a New Device for Improved Semen Collection (DISC) M. Sosa (PGY I), S. Jabara, J. Phy, L. Welch and S. Prien

How often will ovarian preservation result in reoperation? G. Sayegh (PGY II) and C. deRiese

Ultrasonographic features of endometrium in a West Texas patient population  C. T. Suit (PGY IV) and C. deRiese

Effects of an Electromagnetic Field on Boar Sperm Permeability A. Loveless (PGY IV), N. Farooqi, M. Sellars and S. Prien

Premature delivery – Reflections from a West Texas County Hospital E. Henslee (PGY II) and S. Welt

Electromagnetic fields affects on embryo morphology and development C.  Praderio (PGY III), J. Martin, N. Farooqi, and S. Prien

Male Factor Infertility, Semen Quality and Environmental Factors A. Greenwood (PGY I), S. Chavez, and S. Prien

Duramorph spinal—A retrospective cost analysis S. Frankfather (PGY IV) and R. Casanova

Fetal outcomes:  Comparison of oral agents with diet controlled and insulin controlled gestational diabetes A. Hatton, (PGY III), S. Welt, S. Prien

Cost Analysis of Duramorph Versus Traditional Spinal Anesthesia in Repeat C-sections J. Ornelas (PGY I), R. Casanova

An examination of college student sex practices and history of formal sex education  S. Hook (PGY II), R. Casanova,  L. Brice, L. Welch, J. Holmes (MSIII)

Estimation of Uterine Size.  How Good Are Our Examination Skills? L. Ceballos (PGY IV), and C. deRiese