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Graduate Student Education: A Statement of Departmental Philosophy

The Department of Pharmacology is dedicated to the attainment of two major goals in the education and training of its graduate students:

  1. to teach the student how to perform scientific research in a sound, creative; and scholarly manner;
  2. to teach the student the art of cogent and skillful scientific communication. To accomplish these particular goals, the Department is committed to providing a challenging and stimulating environment for its students, one in which each student can realize his or her full scientific potential in Pharmacology. Specific steps in the implementation of the departmental graduate program are described below under the areas of research, scientific communication, and course work.

All requirements for the individual graduate degrees (M.S., M.D./Ph.D., Ph.D.) follow the requirements of the TTUHSC Graduate Program. The general requirements for those Programs are outlined in the TTU Graduate catalogue. The department follows the rules and regulations of graduate studies (i.e. grade point average, etc.) of the TTU Graduate School. Those rules are outlined in the TTU Graduate Catalogue. Requirements for the thesis and dissertation style are defined by the TTU Graduate School.

Pharmacology Graduate Program Grade Policy

The Pharmacology Graduate Program reserves the right to either

  1. terminate from the program; or
  2. take away a stipend from any student who receives a failing grade (C,D, or F) in any graduate course or who is on academic probation.

Ph.D. Program

M.S. Program