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MSN Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Track
Post Masters Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate Courses

(Semester Credit Hours Required for Completion — 33)

Key: CL = Clinical; WB = Web Based (on-line course); WE = Web-Enhanced; T = Traditional

(#:#:#) First # represents the number of credit hours, Second # represents the number of lecture hours per week, Third # represents the number of clinical hours per week.

Required Nursing Courses Credits
NURS 5312 The Advanced Practice Nurse Role: Foundation for Advanced Practice Nurse (3:3:0 WB) 3
NURS 5320 Diagnostic Methods and Procedures for Advanced Practice (CL 3:2:3.5 WB) Requires on campus lab 3
NURS 5342 Advanced Health Assessment (CL 3:2:3.5 WB) Requires on campus lab 3
NURS 5343 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurses in Advanced Practice (3:3:0 WB) 3
NURS 5345 Advanced Practice Nursing: Application of Pathophysiology (3:3:0 WB) 3
NURS 5100 Foundations of the Well Child (1:1:0 WB) 1
NURS 5500 Pediatric Acute Care I (CL 5:2:10.5 WB) 5
NURS 5600 Pediatric Acute Care II (CL 6:2:14 WB) 6
NURS 6690 Pediatric Acute Care Practicum (CL 6:1:17.5 WB) 6

All Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practioner students are required to hold PALS Certification prior to the first population focus clinical courses.

Two (2) years of RN experience in Pediatrics with experieince in acute care, critical care, or emergency department setting is preferred.

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