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Traditional BSN Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
BSN Degree Plan 2014-2015

Once you have applied and been accepted to the School of Nursing, you will be able to enroll in nursing courses. Students are classified as full-time students throughout the program and must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

First Semester Credits
NURS 3901 Foundational Concepts of Nursing Practice 9
NURS 3307 Health Assessment 3
NURS 3207 Scholarship for Evidence-based Practice I 2
NURS 3227 Nursing Care of the Aging Adult 2
spacer Total Credit Hours 16
Second Semester Credits
NURS 3801 Concepts of Chronic Care Nursing 8
NURS 3404 Pharmacology 4
NURS 3331 Mental Health Nursing 3
spacer Total Credit Hours 15
Third Semester Credits
NURS 4800 Concepts of Acute Care Nursing 8
NURS 4306 Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family 3
NURS 4307 Aspects of Pediatric Nursing 3
NURS 4206 Scholarship for Evidence-based Practice II 2
spacer Total Credit Hours 16
Fourth Semester Credits
NURS 4620 Professional Transitions 6
NURS 4320 Professional Role of the Leader and Manager 3
NURS 4317 Community and Population Health 3
NURS 4106 Introduction to Nursing Informatics 1
**Nursing Elective 3
spacer Total Credit Hours 16
TOTAL BSN Curriculum
*Includes 3-hour nursing elective to be taken any time during semesters 2 through 4
Credits 63*

** Students must enroll in 3 credit hours of a nursing elective.

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