Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Practice

Mission Statement

The Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Practice (CEEBP) is a Permian Basin initiative whose collaborative partners are the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing and Medical Center Hospital.

The mission of the CEEBP is to improve the care and safety of patients through research, education, practice, and adoption of "best practice" as demonstrated through multiple avenues.

... We value their expertise and the association of such professionals at the Center of Excellence. They lead with a genuine caring about our staff and challenges that we face in El Paso. They are our true partners as we use current best evidence to improve our delivery of care and practice.

Nancy Rout
Senior Clinical Analyst
Hospital Corporation of America

Strategic Plan
  • Explore application opportunities of evidence-based practice in rural Texas and beyond
  • Facilitate research utilization for practice based on evidence found in rural and community agencies
  • Promote evidence-based practice in a variety of health care settings to improve patient outcomes
  • Establish research and education programs to aid multidisciplinary health care providers in the delivery of evidence-based practice
  • Use a holistic approach to emphasize patient values/preferences in clinical decision making
Strategic Goals
  1. Identify at least two EBP opportunities per year while implementing at least one.
  2. Investigate rural and/or community opportunities for quality improvement in practice settings.
  3. Collaborate with at least one non-acute health care setting such as TTUHSC clinics and/or MCH cancer, diabetic, and senior centers on an EBP project per a 2 year period.
  4. Implement at least one education/research evidence-based project involving other health care providers every two years.
  5. Based on current demographics characteristics focusing on a Hispanic population, develop at least one holistic activity emphasizing cultural preferences in clinical decision making every two years.
Project Submission Process

We are excited about your interest in submitting a project for consideration by the CEEBP. As you prepare your application for the project, please review the CEEBP mission and the activities required to acheive the mission. Each project conducted through the CEEBP must address at least one of these activities. We look forward to considering and working with you for the advancement of evidence-based practice.

CEEBP Contacts

Sharon Cannon, Ed.D., RN, ANEF

Regional Dean, Professor, Medical Center Hospital Endowed Chair at Texas Tech University HSC School of Nursing
Co-Director for the Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Practice
(432) 335-5150

Carol Boswell, Ed.D., RN, CNE, ANEF

Professor, Co-Director of the Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Practice at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing
(432) 335-5150

Minerva Odeja, MSN, RN-BC

Director Nursing Education
Medical Center Hospital

The Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Practice has several approaches to facilitate agencies as they strive to embrace evidence-based practice and research. Some of those channels are:

Prepared Educational Programs

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice

This four to six hour continuing education program is designed to establish a foundation of evidence-based practice principles. Evidence-based practice models and concepts are discussed to allow the participants to identify a specific plan for embracing evidence-based practice in a practical and efficient manner. Hands-on activities are incorporated into the presentation.

Basics of Research

This eight hour continuing education course provides the central and essential concepts of research to the participants. Active learning opportunities are provided to excite and engage the participants in the process of undertaking the involvement in a research project. This course focuses on the utilization of research, not the planning and implementation of an indepth research project.

Evidence-Based Practice: How you can move it forward

Program Goal: The learner will be able to confirm and validate the knowledge and skills necessary for incorporating evidence-based practice by nurses, regardless of educational preparation or setting. The content will reflect current knowledge about EBP. Different EBP models will be presented to allow the participants to select the model that will work in their unique setting. Within these sessions, activities will be used to engage the participants in the learning process. Question and answer time periods will be regularly provided as the content is presented. The initial sessions will last for approximately 3 hours. The fourth session will begin with the administration of the test (20 item multiple choice format). Following the completion of the testing period, the remaining content will be presented via a case study process. To allow for application of the EBP process, four to five PICOT questions will be tentatively developed by the content experts based upon the unique needs of the participants. For each of these topic areas, five to seven related articles will be organized. Appropriate articles will be selected and used for each session presented to ensure that up-to-date and suitable articles are used. The participants will be organized around topic areas in groups of three to four members.

Consultation and Customized Programs

The TTUHSC Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Practice (CEEBP) nursing leaders provide individualized consultation opportunities and customized educational programs to assist agencies in executing evidence-based practice and research concepts. The consultation contracts are uniquely designed to fit the agency. Both on-site and off-site opportunities are available based on the identified needs of the facility. Customized educational programs with continuing education opportunities for the nursing staff are developed to address the specific needs of the target audience.

As a partner to the CEEBP, Medical Center Health System in Odessa is fully engaged with Texas Tech in the journey to a safer patient care environment where all staff can bring the evidence to clinical decision making. We are honored to be Co-Directors and to reap the benefits of this distinguished partnership. As a result, MCHS Nursing has four teams of direct care nurses who presented a full symposium at the 41st Sigma Theta Tau International Biennial Convention.

Marlene McAllister, RN, MSN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Officer
Medical Center Hospital
Odessa, TX