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Graduate Department APRN Program

Post Masters Nurse Midwifery Certificate
Post Masters Nurse-Midwifery Certificate

(Semester Credit Hours Required for Completion: 33)

Key: CL = Clinical; WB = Web Based (on-line course); WE = Web-Enhanced; T = Traditional

Pre or co-requisites to Required Core Courses
The Department Chair will review the applicant's previous academic preparation and/or competency in required courses in order to award transfer credit. Any deficiencies will be met by enrollment in required courses.
Pre-requisite Nursing Courses Credits
NURS 5312 Foundations for Advanced Practice Nurse Role 3:3:0 WB 3
NURS 5320 Diagnostic Mehods for Advanced Nursing Practice *Requires on campus lab CL 3:1.5:5.25 WB 3
NURS 5342 Advanced Health Assessment *Requires on campus lab CL 3:1.5:5.25 WB 3
NURS 5343 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurses in Advanced Practice 3:3:0 WB 3
NURS 5345 Advanced Practice Nursing: Application of Pathophysiology 3:3:0 WB 3
Population Focus Courses Credits
NURS 5304 Foundation for Nurse-Midwifery *Requires on-campus lab CL 3:1:3.5 WB 3
NURS 5470 Nurse Midwifery I-Antepartum Care Management *Requires on-campus lab CL 4:2:7 WB 4
NURS 5571 Nurse-Midwifery II-Intrapartum/Postpartum/Newborn Care Management *Requires on-campus lab CL 5:2:11 WB 5
NURS 6620 Nursing Midwifery Practicum Integrated Practice *Requires on-campus lab CL 6:1:17 WB 6

All Nurse-Midwifery students are required to obtain NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) certification and ACLS certification prior to enrollment in NURS 5304.

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