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Second Degree BSN Undergraduate Program

Second Degree Web-Based BSN
Second Degree Program Course Sequence
Course Number Title
NURS 3205 CL, Clinical Competence I: Basic Skills for Nursing Practice
NURS 3380 Foundational Concepts of Nursing Practice
NURS 3510 CL, Clinical Foundations of Nursing Practice
NURS 3307 Health Assessment
NURS 3408 Pharmacology
NURS 3315 Nursing of the Developing Family
NURS 3105 CL, Developing Family Nursing Clinical
Total 1st Semester Hours 21
Course Number Title
NURS 3385 Concepts of Chronic Care Nursing
NURS 3520 CL, Chronic Care Nursing Clinical
NURS 4312 Child Health Nursing
NURS 4314 Mental Health Nursing
NURS 4214 Nursing Research
NURS 4112 CL, Child Health Nursing Clinical
NURS 4114 CL, Mental Health Nursing Clinical
Total 2nd Semester Hours 18
Course Number Title
NURS 4316 Health Promotion & Teaching in Nursing
NURS 4317 CL, Community Nursing
NURS 4318 Management & Leadership in Nursing
NURS 4398 Concepts of Acute Care Nursing
NURS 4510L CL, Acute Care Nursing Clinical
NURS 4219 CL, Clinical Competence IV: Practicum in Integration of Nursing
NURS 4310 CL, Synthesis of Nursing Knowledge
Total 3rd Semester Hours 22
Total Semester Credit Hours for the Second Degree Program 61
  • Contact hour calculations are based on a 16-week semester
  • Semester Credit Hour to Clinical ratio in 1:3 and Semester Credit Hour to Laboratory ratio is 1:4
  • Curriculum length = 50 weeks (1 wk vacation is May & Aug)
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