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Seminar Schedule

DateTimeRoomSpeakerPresentation Title
01-14-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GUEST SPEAKER W. David Nes, Ph.D., Paul Whitfield Horn Professor, Director, Center for Chemical Biology, TTU Lubbock "Therapeutics for ergosterol-dependent infectious diseases"
01-21-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Benard Ogola "Functional Role of 2-Methoxyestradiol in Angiotensin Type 1 Receptor Expression"
01-28-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 FACULTY SPEAKER Junxuan (Johnny) Lu, Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Sciences, TTUHSC SOP Amarillo "Writing a Fundable Grant Application"
02-04-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Neel Fofaria "Gli2 drives melanoma tumor growth and progression"
02-11-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 SPEAKER Kartick Pramanik, Ph.D. "Ligand Activation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-β/δ Inhibit TGFβ1 Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Lung Cancer Cells"
02-20-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GUEST SPEAKER Jaehoon (Jason) Lee, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, College of Education; Associate Director, IMMAP; TTU Lubbock "Propensity Score Methods"
02-25-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Md. Jahidur Rashid "Repositioning of Oral Sildenafil (Revatio®) to a Respirable Product"
03-04-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Debasish Basak "Increased Anticancer Efficacy by Nontoxic Redox-Perturbing Agents Occurs Through Reactivation of Mutant p53 and Inhibition of DNA Repair"
03-04-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Tanvirul Hye "Self-Emulsified Nanoemulsion Targeting Glioblastoma"
03-06-2015   CANCELLED    
03-11-2015 3:00pm AMA335/ABI1130/LUBHSC1C111 GPPS Student Raktima Bhattachara, Doctoral Dissertation Defense "Attenuation of cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury by targeted delivery of an anti-inflammatory oligodeoxynucleotide drug to the endothelium of the blood-brain barrier"
03-13-2015 1:30pm AMA335/ABI1314/LUBHSC1C111 GPPS Student Rajiv Balyan, Doctoral Dissertation Defense "Capecitabine in the Treatment of Brain Metastases of Breast Cancer:  Critical Role of Enzymatic Targeting of Key Metabolic Species"
03-18-2015 3:00pm AMA107/ABI1314/LUBHSC1C111 GPPS Student Pooja Naik, Doctoral Dissertation Defense "Toxicological Impact of Tobacco Smoke Exposure on Blood Brain Barrier Endothelium: Pathophysiological Implications and Cytoprotective Mechanisms"
03-19-2015   CANCELLED    
03-25-2015   CANCELLED    
04-01-2015 4:15pm AMA335/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Md. Kowser Miah "Measurement of Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Hepatic Diseases Using Sucrose"
04-01-2015 4:15pm AMA335/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Md. Abul Kaisar "Countermeasure of Tobacco Smoke Toxicity at the BBB Endothelium using OTC Antioxidant Products: Popular Myth or Fact?"
04-08-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Laxmi Iyer "Hyperglycemia Induced Cell Injury in Renal Proximal Tubule Cells"
04-15-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Kito Barrow "Taxanes and Methylseleninic Acid for the Combinational Therapy of  Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer - Animal Models"
04-22-2015 4:15pm NO SEMINAR AACR Conference is April 18-22, 2015  
04-29-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Amer Alali "BPR0L075 Loaded Nanoparticle Targeting Bone Metastasis"
04-29-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Maria (Heidi) Villalba "Expanding Behavioral Tests for Ischemic Stroke Mouse Models"
05-06-2015 4:15pm AMA1110/ABI1130/D433 GPPS Student Faleh Alqahtani "Isolation of Human Tumor Xenografts from Mouse Brain"


DateTimeRoomSpeakerPresentation Title
08-19-2015 9:00am AMA SOP 210/LUB HSC 2C101 GPPS Student Sukesh Voruganti, Doctoral Dissertation Defense "RYBP as a novel tumor suppressor and its implication in cancer therapy"
08-26-2015 4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 FACULTY SPEAKER Abraham Al-Ahmad, Ph.D. "So you got your Ph.D., that's nice.... What's next?"
08-28-2015 2:00pm AMA PAC 1110/LUB HSC 2C101 GPPS Student Neel Fofaria, Doctoral Dissertation Defense "Melanoma therapy with piperlongumine"
09-02-2015 4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Srinidhi Jayaraman "Discovering Small Molecule Modulators for Endopeptidase Neurolysin (Hiking Toward Galaxies)"
09-09-2015   CANCELLED    
09-16-2015 2:20pm AMA PAC 1110 GPPS Student Nihar Kinarivala, Oral Qualifying Exam "Synthesis and Structure Activity Relationship of Xanthohumol and its Analogues for the Treatment of Batten Disease"
09-21-2015 1:30pm AMA SOP 210/ABI 1130/LUB HSC 1C111 GPPS Student Raghavender Chivukula, Doctoral Dissertation Defense "Generation and characterization of novel antibodies targeting MHC peptide complexes and development of relevant oncology models for evaluation of immune independent/dependent anti-tumor mechanisms"
09-23-2015 3:00pm AMA PAC 1110 GPPS Student Benard Ogola, Oral Qualifying Exam "Regulating Cholesterol Biosynthesis by Citrate Transporter Inhibitor 1,2,3-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid (BTC)"
09-28-2015 1:00pm AMA SOP 210 GPPS Student Md. Abul Kaisar, Oral Qualifying Exam "Impact of Chronic E-Cigarette Exposure in Altered Medical Conditions"
09-30-2015 2:30pm AMA PAC 1110 GPPS Student Kshitij Verma, Oral Qualifying Exam "Selective AKR1C3 inhibitors for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) therapy"
10-07-2015 4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Nehal Gupta "Pseudolaric Acid B:  A Potential Novel Chemotherapeutic Agent for Prostate Cancer"
10-07-2015 4:00pm CANCELLED GPPS Student A.G.M. Mostofa  
10-14-2015 9:00am AMA SOP 210/DAL SW 433/LUB–HSC 1C111 (TKL) GPPS Student Md. Rashedul Islam, Doctoral Dissertation Defense "Neuroprotective Function of Novel Bivalent and Multivalent Opioid Peptide Analogs in Ischemic Stroke Models"
10-21-2015 4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Ahasanul Hasan "A 3D Microfluidic Chip Mimicking the Blood Vessel: Fabrication and Preliminary Characterization"
10-21-2015 4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Hanumantha Rao Madala "Design of a Rofecoxib-Combretastatin Hybrid Drug that Exerts Potent and Improved Antimicrotubule and Anti-Angiogenesis Properties Retaining COX-2 Inhibition"
10-28-2015   NO SEMINAR AAPS is Oct. 25-29, 2015  
11-04-2015 4:00pm AMA SOP 107/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Ronak Patel "Design of a patient and disease specific in-vitro model of the neurovascular unit using human induced pluripotent stem cells"
11-04-2015 4:00pm AMA SOP 107/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Jee Hyun Park "Internalization Study of T-Cell Receptor Mimic Antibody (TCRm)"
11-11-2015 4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Tanvirul Hye "Targeting HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Brain Metastases with Lapatinib-Loaded Nanoemulsion"
11-11-2015  4:00pm AMA SOP 210/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Alok Ranjan "Penfluridol suppresses glioblastoma tumor growth by inhibiting sonic hedgehog signaling"
11-18-2015  3:30pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GUEST SPEAKER Hugh Smyth, Ph.D., Delgado Endowed Associate Professor in Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Texas, Austin, TX "Engineering Devices and Molecules for Lung Delivery"
11-25-2015    NO SEMINAR Thanksgiving Holiday  
12-02-2015  4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Debasish Basak [tba]
12-02-2015  4:00pm AMA PAC 1110/DAL SW 433 GPPS Student Sushanta Sarkar [tba]