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Voted Resolutions

Below are the resolutions which have been passed by the Student Senate and pdf copies of the full text for each resolution. 

Resolution Description
03-1 Change in the Name of the Organization
03-2 Cap of Student Fees
03-3 Support of Bill Amendment
03-4 Supporting U.S. Troops in Iraq
03-5 Revised Senate Representation
03-6 Senate Support of Unity Among Us
03-7 Renaming of Officer Positions
05-1 Senate Appropriations Bill
05-2 Presidential Library
05-3 Leisure Pool
05-4 Service Fee Proposal
06-1 Senate Appropriations Bill
06-2 Standing Committees
06-3 Double T Scholarship
06-4 Iterim Student Regent
09/23/03 Health Services
10/07/03 Student-Run Phonathon
07-02 TTU Athletics Debt Service
07-03 Student Regent Selection
14-01 Synergistic Center Gym Equipment
50.XX Police Recognition
19.02 Remove Membership Limit on Committees
19.03 Recognition of TTUHSC Receiving New Research Funding
19.04 Recognition of Lubbock City Lights
19.05 Student Seat on Safety Committee for TTUHSC
19.07 Improvement of Video Streaming & Recording Services
19.08 Recognition of Dr. Tedd Mitchell (Sole finalist for Chancellor position)
19.09 Recognition of TTUHSC Values Based Culture
19.10 Hours of Operation for TTUHSC Laboratories
19.11 Recognition of Dr. Patti Patterson (TPS Award)
19.12 Recognition of Dr. LesLee Taylor & Athletic Training Staff
19.13 Recognition of Occupational Therapy Staff & Students
19.14 Recognition of School of Nursing (35th Anniversary)
19.15 Recognition of Dr. Karamyan, Dr. Abbruscato, Dr. Trippier, & Srinidhi Jayaraman
19.16 Improvement of Classroom Projectors and Lighting Components 
19.17 Organization of the Month Award Establishment
19.18 Re-Establishment of Direct Communication Between Students & Organizations
19.19 Reduction in Discretionary Spending of Tuition Funds 
19.20 Recognition of Advocates for Special Needs Athletes 
19.21 Recognition of Physical Therapy Program
19.22 Recognition of Dr. Sue Ann S. Lee
19.23 Recognition of Dr. Vadivel Ganapathy
19.24 Recognition of Department of Public Health
20.01 Support of Midland/Odessa Community
20.02 Recognition of Margret Duran
20.03 Recognition of Interim President Dr. Lori-Rice Spearman
20.04 Recognition of Dr. Tedd Mitchell
20.05 Recognition of Professor Laurie Stelter
20.07 Installation of Water Filling Stations on 3rd Floor of Preston Smith Library
20.08 Texas Academic/Research Libraries Collaboration Negotiation
20.09 Recognition of Dr. Vadivel Ganapathy for Chancellor Award
20.10 Recognition of Sherry Sancibrian for Chancellor Award
20.11 Increase of Funding for Program of Assistance for Students
20.12 Recognition of Veterans Resource Center
20.13 School of Medicine's Promotion of Diversity
20.14 Reassessment of Relocation Funds for Third-Year Medical Students
20.15 Increasing Availability of Hand Sanitizing Stations
20.16 Academic Classroom Building Second Story Outdoor Stairs
20.17 Extending Availability of Cognitive Behavorial Therapy to All Campuses 
20.18 Placing Signage to Reduce the Spread of Infectious Disease
20.19 Elimination of STEP 2 CS Requirements for US Medical Graduates
20.20 Support & Recognition for Frontline Healthcare Workers, Volunteers, and Students during COVID-19 Pandemic