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Our Mission:

The MISSION of the Office of Student Disability Services at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is to support the Values-Based Culture by providing services for students with disabilities and encouraging accessibility within the learning experience by educating the campus community on related issues. 

Request for Acommodations:

Students Requesting Interpreting/CART Services: 

HSC students in need of interpreting or CART Services will need to completely fill out the ADA Services Request Form for each request needed.  Please submit 3 business days prior to when you are needing the service. Once Disability Services receives the request the student will be notified upon receipt of the request and given a reference number for that request. Once the request has been filled, Disability Services will notify the student of the type of services secured and, if possible, the name of the interpreter or captionist.  In the event a change needs to be made to the original request, the student will need to email Disability Services and reference the request number.  

Contact Information

Contact the Director of Student Disability Services

Tamara Mancini
Room 2C412

For general inquiries, please email