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Yearly time off incentive

Yearly Time Off Incentive

Would you like to earn 8 hours of addition time off each fiscal year?  If so, just complete the following items to earn your free day off! 

1.  Schedule a PCP visit and have them complete the Health Screening Verification form below.  (You will more than likely need to have labs drawn.) 

2.  Complete the online health risk assessment.  (see instructions below)

3.  Complete two wellness events or challenges from Sept 1st- August 31st each year.  

Health Screening Verification Instructions

1. Make sure to complete the screening verification form (HERE) before completing the health risk assessment.

2.  Have  your phyisican review all labs listed on the form but DO NOT WRITE THEM ON THE FORM.  Lab results are for your eyes only.

3.  Ensure your Healthcare provider signs and dates the form.

4.  Send the completed form to

5.  Completion of this form makes you eligible for incentives provided by TTUHSC.


Health Risk Assessment Instructions

1.  Make sure your have your lab work (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, height, weight, etc.) available before you start the HRA.

2.  Begin the HRA HERE.  It should take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.

3.  You will recieve a completion confirmation email once you are done.  The Wellness team will be automatically notified of your completion of the HRA as well.