This reporting requirement exists for Facilities Operations and Maintenance and the Regional Safety Manager. Reporting for Lubbock HSC facilities is the responsibility of TTU Police Department dispatch center. Accurately recording fire-related events on TTUHSC property is required by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Events that must be reported fall into three categories:

  1. Fire Alarm Activations - Regardless of cause.
  2. Overheating Events - An overheating event is one where smoke may be produced but no damage or injury is incurred.
  3. Actual fires that cause facility damage or injury to persons - Phone contact is required to the numbers listed below.

Categories one and two above must be reported within 24 hours by using this form. The information will transmit directly to the Fire Marshal.

Any actual fire must be reported to the Safety Services office:

Safety Services Office Numbers:
Abilene: 325-696-0549
Amarillo: 806-414-9929
Dallas: 806-743-2597
Lubbock: 806-743-2597
Odessa: 432-703-5485