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Radiation Safety Services at TTUHSC is tasked with protecting individuals from unnecessary exposure to sources of radiation, preventing the spread of contamination, and assisting in the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the institution to its students, staff, and the general public, and to the associated regulatory agencies.


Radiation Safety Short Course, Phase I (CD-ROM)

Description: Required of all personnel working in a laboratory licensed for radioactive material, whether or not they actively use or work with radioactive material. Method: Interactive computer based (CD-ROM) course of instruction that may be completed at the student's pace. Phase I must be completed prior to enrollment in Phase II. Please call the Safety Office at 743-2597 or visit us at (BA 120) to check out a CD-ROM.

Radiation Safety Short Course Phase II (LECTURE)

Description: Required of all personnel working with radioactive material (documentation of training at another similar institution may be accepted in lieu of TTUHSC requirements). Method: Classroom session which includes a review of basic radiation safety, radioactive laboratory procedures, radiation contamination surveys and monitoring, radioactive waste management, biological effects of radiation, personnel monitoring, and radioactive materials ordering and inventory procedures. Phase II also includes a question and answer session.

Please contact your campus safety services office to schedule training.



Victor R. Means III, MBA, Radiation Safety Officer, Laser Safety Officer
Elizabeth Sanders, RS, MPA, Section Manager
Alison Thelin, Senior Safety Officer




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