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Excellence in Research, Training, and Service

The Southwest Institute for Addictive Diseases began in the 1970s as a program to meet the teaching, training, and clinical service component of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's School of Medicine. In 1986, the TTUHSC Board of Regents upgraded the program to Institute status, adding research to its mission. Our dedicated and well-qualified staff includes physicians, policy makers, research scientists, research assistants, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists, as well as consultants and contractual employees.


To improve the life quality of those with chemical dependency and mental health needs through the provision of comprehensive behavioral health care services, while concurrently providing opportunities for health professions training and research.


Southwest Institute for Addictive Diseases adheres to the most rigorous standards that continuously demonstrate improvement in the quality of care through the use of best practices provided by a multidisciplinary and culturally competent team.


Clinical staff hold practice licenses from their respective state boards.