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Employee Assistance Program

Supervisor Referrals

As a supervisor or manager, you are often in the best position to help employees who are experiencing problems that affect their lives and/or job performance. When you become aware of such problems, you can encourage employees to seek the assistance and support of the Employee Assistance Program and give them contact information for the EAP. 

Some employers allow supervisors to mandate employees to receive counseling through the Employee Assistance Program in order to address job performance problems. These mandated referrals, known as "Formal Referrals", are usually part of a disciplinary process aimed at restoring an employee to acceptable levels of performance. EAP counselors can:

  • Help employees gain insight regarding their problems.
  • Teach skills (e.g., anger management, communication) that will improve employee functioning in the future.
  • Detect early signs of more serious problems.
  • Link employees with community resources that are cost-effective and helpful.

Call the main EAP office (806-743-1327) for information regarding how to make a Formal Referral to the Employee Assistance Program. We'll also explain what information can be provided to you concerning the employee's attendance and cooperation.

EAP staff are also available to assist you in various other ways.


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