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American Geriatrics Society Student Chapter

The AGS Student Chapter network promotes interest in the field of geriatrics among professional health care students at TTUHSC.

Chapter Goals

The AGS Student Chapter strives to enhance the visibility of geriatric medical care, and to provide educational programs on geriatric health care.  Student chapters work toward the goal of the Society with particular emphasis in:

  1. Encouraging interest in geriatrics among faculty and students in various health care professions concerned with the care of the elderly.
  2. Advocating interprofessional curriculum development in the Health Sciences Center schools, including geriatrics in the general curriculum and in elective course offerings and interprofessional programs.
  3. Developing educational opportunities in geriatrics and making them accessible to interprofessional audiences at the TTUHSC and practicing health professionals throughout West Texas.
  4. Promoting educational activities throughout West Texas and TTHSC's network.
  • Mary E. Bivins Geriatric Fellowship
Student Officers
Faculty Advisors
Matthew Geddie, MBA, OTR Academic Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, Allied Health

Rebecca B. Sleeper, Pharm.D, FCCP, FASCP, BCPS

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Geriatrics

TTUHSC School of Pharmacy

Carolyn Perry M.S., CCC-SLP

Clinical Instructor

Department of Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences

Alyce S. Ashcraft PhD, RN, CNE

Professor, School of Nursing

Glenna Roberts Practiceship in Geriatric Nursing