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The Garrison Institute on Aging  provides information and services for caregivers and seniors through partnerships with state, community and service agencies.

Healthy Lubbock

Healthy Lubbock

The Healthy Lubbock Initiative is a community-wide effort to improve the health status of Lubbock and the surrounding communities through collaborative means. The initiative seeks to help make the city of Lubbock a healthier community by reducing the incidence of obesity and overweight people. Many individuals and agencies from the Lubbock area have volunteered to make Lubbock one of the healthiest cities in Texas. The vision is to educate and encourage individuals across the South Plains to make the healthiest behavioral choices for themselves and for their families while making the wisest use of limited community resources to help improve the health of Lubbock's citizens. If you are interested in participating in any of the activities or volunteering at local events, contact Annette Nichols Boles at 806.743.7821.

For more info.visit the Healthy Lubbock Website.



RSVP was created especially for people aged 55 years or older who have a lifetime of experience to share with their local community. The goal of RSVP is to utilize the interests, skills and abilities of this growing population by providing stimulating opportunities for personal development through placement in satisfying and rewarding positions in volunteer service areas. For more information, contact Karon McDowell at or 806.743.RSVP.


Speaker's Bureau

The Garrison Institute on Aging has faculty and staff who can speak on a range of topics including Alzheimer's disease, caregiving, healthy aging, exercise for seniors, memory and more. If you are interested in having a member of the Speaker's Bureau present information at an upcoming event, please call 806.743.7821 or send an email to Ann Laurence.

The West Texas Cares Project

A collaborative initiative between Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Area Agencies on Aging that is focused on caregiver outreach and education to meet the needs of rural family caregivers in West Texas. A new West Texas Cares website is under construction and will be available in the Spring of 2009.

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